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..10 år siden:

March 29, 2005 - Palm Beach, Florida, United States: Large schools of sharks were seen from Deerfield Beach north to the south end of the City of Palm Beach this afternoon. Thousands of migrating sharks were at some times only yards off beaches in south Palm Beach County and Broward County. A large shark is real close to the beach in the area of Boca Raton. No swimmers or surfers where reported injured. (Lou Toman/SF Sun Sentinel/Polaris)

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..20 år siden:

Eli Rosenbaum, head of the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations, poses next to a World War II map of Germany showing the locations of concentration camps, March 29, 1995, in Washington. Rosenbaum's unit specializes in hunting for former Nazis. (AP Photo)

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..30 år siden:

FILE - The March 29, 1985 file photo shows Karyn Nicholson looking down to her 8-year-old daughter Jenny when walking on tarmac to board US Air Force jet bearing the body of US Maj. Arthur D. Nicholson Jr. before it left for the United States at Frankfurt's, West Germany, Rhein-Main airport. A Soviet sentry had shot and killed unarmed U.S. Maj. Arthur Nicholson, letting him bleed out where he fell next on the tank firing range he had been reconnoitering when he was on a patrol into communist East Germany as allowed by postwar agreements. (AP Photo/Kurt Strumpf)

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..40 år siden:

U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Frederick Weyand places sticks of incense on the grave of a South Vietnamese soldier during a brief visit to Bien Hoa Military Cemetery near Saigon, Vietnam, Saturday, March 29, 1975. Weyand is on a fact-finding tour of South Vietnam. (AP Photo)

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..50 år siden:

A detachment of 337 Turkish soldiers landed at Famagusta on March 29, 1965 to relieve some of the 650 troopâäôs turkey is permitted to maintain in the island under the treaty of alliance with Greece and Cyprus. United Nations forces are seen taking changes of kitbags and stores and will organize transport of the relief troops of Nicosia. (AP Photo)

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..60 år siden:

Chinese Nationalist President Chiang Kai-shek, center, and other top Nationalist government officials walk from the Yuanshan Martyrs shrine in Taipei, Taiwan, Tuesday, March 29, 1955. The leaders payed homage to the revolutionary martyrs and those killed in the struggle with the Chinese communists. (AP Photo/Fred Waters)

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..70 år siden:

Although our troops reached outskirts of Bocholt last night, the town is by no means clear. Heavy opposition is being encountered from fanatical troops with spandaus and scattered snipers. There is much heavy shelling and mortar fire, but further areas of the town are slowly being cleared of the enemy. Troops move up through the shattered streets of the town, past the ruined station on March 29, 1945 in Bocholt. On their way they passed many Nazi slogans painted on the walls. (AP Photo)

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..80 år siden:

Governor Herbert H. Lehman of New York presents pens with which he signed New Yorkâäôs new anti-heart balm law to its sponsors, Senator John J. McNaboe, (left) and Assemblyman John A. Byrnes, (center), both New York City democrats. The Bill was signed at the state capitol in Albany, March 29, 1935. (AP Photo)

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