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Lille pige sover med sine tøjdyr.

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Dr. E. O. Wilson examining plant gall, Walden Pond, Massachusetts PLEASE NOTE: 1. pre-approval required from Image Provider for use of photographer's name in product title. 2. pre-approval required from content provider for use in a retail print or poster. 3. pre-approval required from content provider for use in a greeting card (including electronic greeting cards). 4. pre-approval required from content provider for use in book where more than 25% of the pages contain images by this photographer. 5. pre-approval required from content provider for use in a retail calendar where more than 80% of images used were created by this photographer.

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Dec 19, 1984 - Beijing, China - EXCLUSIVE CALL FOR PRICE - Prime Ministers ZHAO ZIYANG of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and MARGARET THATCHER of the United Kingdom during Signing ceremony of the Sino-British Joint Declaration in Beijing, December 19, 1984. Hong Kong was occupied and became a colony of Britain after the Opium Wars in the teetering Qing dynasty. Since the people's republic of China was founded in 1949, Chinese government had shown his determination of Hong Kong's return to its Chinese motherland. Late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping put forward the creative formula 'one country, two systems' in 1980's, which charted the way to Hong Kong's successful and peaceful return to China in 1997. With the faithful implementation of Deng's formula, Hong Kong's return to China was witnessed by the whole world on July 1, 1997. Over the past ten years, Hong Kong, with its political, economic and social systems largely unchanged since the end of British rule, has evolved along with the rest of the country to become even more vibrant and prosperous.

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..40 år siden:

Dec 19, 1974; Munich, Switzerland; Actor JACK NICHOLSON in Munich to present his latest film,'Chinatown'. (Credit Image: © KEYSTONE Pictures USA/

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..50 år siden:

(FILES) A file picture taken on December 19, 1964 in Paris shows Andre Malraux, French minister in charge of cultural affairs, delivering a speech in front of the catafalque on Jean Moulin, first head of the National Council of the Resistance. After World War One, Moulin joined the civil service and rose rapidly to become prefect, or regional administrator, of Chartres, the youngest holder of the office in France. He set up the National Council of the Resistance in May 1943. AFP PHOTO

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..60 år siden:

FILE - In this Dec. 19, 1954, file photo, Montreal Canadiens center Jean Beliveau attempts to push one into the net but is held by Detroits Red Wings right wing Tony Leswick in the second period of an NHL hockey game in Detroit. Beliveau died Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014. He was 83. The team confirmed the death of the Hall of Fame center and one of the most beloved players in Canadiens history. (AP Photo/File)

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..70 år siden:

Women as Wehrmacht helpers on duty for the German Wehrmacht - flak helpers in training for air defense.

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