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FILE - In this July 26, 2004 file photo provided by NASA, a shadow cast by NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity stretches across the Martian surface. NASA officials said Monday, July 28, 2014 that the odometer of NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has hit 25.01 miles, breaking the record for off-Earth distance traveled. NASA officials said Monday that Opportunity drove 157 feet over the weekend, which was enough to surpass the miles covered by the Soviet Union's Lunokhod 2 rover, which landed on Earth's moon in 1973 and drove 24.2 miles. (AP Photo/NASA) , File) (AP Photo/ NASA, JPL)

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..20 år siden:

Tom Dooley of German Bundesliga-team Bayer Leverkusen talks with coach Dragoslav Stepanovic in Leverkusen, on 31 July 1994.

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..30 år siden:

July 31, 1984 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Janaury 22 2004 File Photo - Montreal, (Quebec), Canada..Nelly Furtado at a TV interview and performance in Montreal.

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..40 år siden:

Vicco von Bülow shows how to behave at the table in a scene of the TV show "Telecabinet" in August 1974. The writer, author and caricaturist Vicco von Bülow alias Loriot already became popular in the 1950s. He celebrates his 80th birthday on the 12th of November in 2003.

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..50 år siden:

This July 31, 1964 file photo shows Don Everly and Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers during a performance. The Rock and Roll of Fame will honor the Everly Brothers with a tribute concert this fall. The Rock Hall announced Thursday that surviving member Don Everly will appear at the Oct. 25 event at PlayhouseSquare s State Theatre in Cleveland. Phil Everly died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease earlier this year. The Everly Brothers were inducted into the Rock Hall in 1986 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. (AP Photo, File)

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..60 år siden:

Det hollandske kongepar, Dronning Juliana og Prins Bernhard af Lippe-Biesterfeld, skal besøge den danske kongefamilie på Gråsten Slot. Her ordner farmand, Kong Frederik IX, Tronfølger Prinsesse Margrethes hår inden gæsterne kommer. Til højre ses Prinsesse Beatrix.; Danish King Frederik IX tidies daughter Princess Margrethe's hair prior to the arrival of the Dutch Royal Couple, Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, at Graasten Palace (Gråsten Slot), South Jutland. Pictured to the right is Dutch Princess Beatrix.

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..70 år siden:

Paris inhabitants greet the American troops after the liberation of the city. German commander Dietrich von Choltitz had given the order to retreat or lay down arms, although Hitler had given instructions to hold on to Paris or turn it into an expanse of rubble. On the 25th of August in 1944, von Choltitz signed the admission of defeat.

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..80 år siden:

1FK-1028-F1934 (94345) Jean Jaurès / 20. Todestag Jaurès, Jean franz. Sozialist Castres (Dep.Tarn) 3.9.1859 - (ermordet) Paris 31.7.1914. - Paris, 31. Juli 1934: Kommunisten und Sozialisten versammeln sich zum 20. Todestag am Ort des Attentats zu einer Kranzniederlegung. - Foto. E: Jean Jaures / 20th Anniv./ Photo Jaures, Jean French socialist Castres (Dep.Tarn) 3.9.1859 - (assassi- nated) Paris 31.7.1914. - Paris, 31st July 1934: communists and socialists gather for the 20th annivers. of Jaures'death to lay down a wreath on the place of his assassination. - Photo. F: Jaurès, Jean Jaurès, Jean ; socialiste français ; Castres (Tarn) 3.9.1859 - (assassiné) Paris 31.7.1914. - Paris, 31 juillet 1934 lors du 20e anniversaire de la mort de Jean Jaurès : communistes et socialistes venus déposer une couronne sur les lieux de l'assassinat. -

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