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Aug. 28, 2004 - U.S. - KRT FOOD STORY SLUGGED: SKEWERS KRT PHOTO BY PABLO ALCALA/LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER (September 13) Grilling meat on a skewer is an age-old technique and a good idea for the back-yard grill. (gsb) 2004.

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Drammen 19840828 Fotball landskamp Norge - Polen 1-1. Tom Sundby i aksjon i vennskapskampen mellom Norge og Polen som endte uavgjort. Foto: Tore Kristiansen / VG

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..40 år siden:

Cirkusbygningen i København , der er opført i 1885-1886 og blev indviet 8. maj 1886. Den er tegnet af arkitekt Henrik Vilhelm Brinkopff.; The Circus building at Axeltorv, constructed by architect Henrik Vilhelm Brinkopff and erected 1885-1886 and taken into use May 8th 1886. It was the domicile for first Circus Schumann and later Circus Benneweis.

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..50 år siden:

FILE - In this Aug. 28, 1964, file photo, Sen. Robert Kennedy stands before the delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, N.J. Democrats have little hope of matching the fervor and historical import of their 2008 convention, when they made Barack Obama the first black presidential nominee of a major political party. One of the memorable moments from past conventions was delegates standing in tearful silence as Robert Kennedy quotes Shakespeare in tribute to his slain brother, President John F. Kennedy: "When he shall die, take him and cut him out into stars, and he shall make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun." (AP Photo)

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..60 år siden:

1EN-346-F1954-1 (118606) Churchill vor Downing Street 1954 Churchill, Sir Winston; brit. Politiker; 1874-1965. - Sondersitzung des brit. Kabinetts am 28. August 1954 (Beratung der Ergebnisse der Konferenz von Brüssel über die Grün- dung einer Europäischen Verteidigungs- gemeinschaft): Premierminister Sir Winston Churchill vor Downing Street Nr.10 vor Beginn der Sitzung. - / Foto. E: Churchill in front o.Downing Street 1954 Churchill, Sir Winston; Brit.politician; 1874-1965. - Special session o.t.British cabinet on 28th August 1954 (Talk about the results of the Brussels Conference on the crea- tion of a European Defense Community): Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in front of Downing Street No.10 before the start of the session. - / Photo.

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..70 år siden:

TO GO WITH AFP STORY by PIERRE-MARIE GIRAUD - FILES - A file picture taken on August 28, 1944 shows US army troops parading on the Champs Elysees after the liberation of Paris. Paris will start on August 19, 2014 a week of celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of its liberation in 1944. AFP PHOTO

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