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EXCLUSIVE: Former Apprentice Bradford Cohen held a fund raiser for his bid to win Ft. Lauderdale County Commissioner at Cafe Martorano. He may have been fired by the Donald but inside sources say Attorney Bradford has a real shot to win. Brad spoke to the crowd about crime control and some important issues. Than later joked in the kitchen with former Apprentice Alumni as they tried to improve on Steve Martorano world class sauce by adding a little Katrina Campins to it. The event was hosted by Katrina Campins and Raj both formerly of the Apprentice in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Pictured: Bradford Cohen Ref: SPL1125101 091005 EXCLUSIVE
Picture by: Brock Miller

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Strandhytte ved idyllisk strand langs Malaysias østkyst. Beach hut at the east coast of Malaysia

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Diana, Princess of Wales arriving for an official visit to Cardigan in Wales. Diana is wearing an outfit designed by fashion designer, Victor Edelstein. (AP Photo/Tim Graham Picture Library)

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Grounds keeper works on Fenway Park in preparation for the Boston Red Box workout later in the day on Thursday, Oct.9,1975 in Boston. Fenway's famous

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Oalo 19651009. Stortingspresident Bernt Ingvaldsen på Stortingets talerstol. Foto: Jan A. Martinsen / Aftenposten

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Duke Snider, whose home runs helped the Brooklyn Dodgers win their first World Series, greets his family after an auto trip from New York, Oct. 9, 1955 in Lynwood, California. Glad to have him home are from left his son Kevin, 6, Mrs. Snider, and Pamela, 4. Snider is also getting him first look at his new son, Kurt, born three weeks ago; but the Series delayed the Duke?s chance to meet him. (AP Photo)

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Gen. Omar N. Bradley, head of the Veterans Administration, listens to a question at a hearing of the House Veteran Committee in Washinton, D.C., on Oct. 9, 1945. Bradley urged Congress to pass legislation creating a Veterans Administration Medical Corps. (AP Photo)

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Stage and screen actor John Warburton is shown with his wife (name unavailable), aboard the Grace liner Santa Rosa as they arrived from Hollywood to New York, Oct. 9, 1935. (AP Photo)

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