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..10 år siden:

Dato: 000702; Den gamle kirkegård i Nuuk

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..20 år siden:

Kattemaki, Katta, Ringhalet Lemur i tropisk tørskov. Primater, halvaber, lemurer (Lemuridae), Lemurs.

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..30 år siden:

FILE - In this Oct. 22, 1984, file photo, President Ronald Reagan, left, and his Democratic challenger Walter Mondale, shake hands prior to their televised presidential debate, in Kansas City, Mo. When Reagan won the White House in 1980, he was 69 _ the oldest man ever elected to the office. During his successful 1984 re-election campaign, he faced questions about his age in his head-to-head contest with 56-year-old Walter Mondale, the former vice president. They spend hours mastering policy. Learning to lean on the podium just so. Perfecting the best way to label their opponents as liars without whining. But presidential candidates and their running mates often find that campaign debates turn on unplanned zingers, gaffes or gestures that speak volumes. Debate wins and losses often are scored based on the overall impressions that candidates leave with voters. In the history books, though, small debate moments often end up telling the broader story. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds, File)

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..40 år siden:

FILE - In this Oct. 22, 1974 file photo, James Earl Ray, who was sentenced to life in the slaying of Dr. Martin Luther King, leaves the federal court in Memphis, Tenn. The court is hearing evidence in Ray s claim that he was pressured into pleading guilty in the case. Ray doubted a jury would believe a defense proposal to blame the assassination of the King on a conspiracy, according to letters he wrote to his lawyer as he tried to win a trial and withdraw his own guilty plea in the 1968 slaying. The letters are among documents that are going up for auction in Jan. 2012 from the estate of the late Jack Kershaw, a Nashville attorney who represented Ray in the mid-1970s. (AP Photo)

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..50 år siden:

OL i Tokyo 1964. De danske Drage-sejlere Ole Berntzen (tv) og gasterne Ole Poulsen og Christian von Bülow.; Olympic games in Tokyo 1964. The Danish dragon sailors Ole Bertzen and his crew Ole Poulsen and Christian von Bülow. They won a Gold medal.

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..60 år siden:

Jazzskribenten Timme Rosenkrantz. .; The danish jazz journalist Niels Otte Timme baron Rosenkrantz ( 1911-1969 ) .;

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..80 år siden:

Funeral of the late King Alexander of Yugoslavia at Belgrade . A group including the Queen Mother , King Peter , King Carol and the Duke of Kent . 22nd October 1934

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