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..10 år siden:

Rungsted havn skibe tov vand hav

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..20 år siden:

Der findes store tobaksmarker på Bjergeskovgaard på Fyn. Ti.tdr. land tilplantet med 200.000 stk tobaksplanter, der gav 2.5 million store tobaksblade.; During second world war one grew tobacco on Bjergeskovgaard on Funen. Here photographed workers in the field. 13.6 acres of land planted with 200 000 tobacco plants gave 2.5 million tobacco leaves.;

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..40 år siden:

FILE - In a Sept. 24, 1974 file photo gold bars are seen at the U.S. Depository in Ft. Knox, Ky. A new study based on observations from space suggests the gold on Earth came from colliding dead stars in a cataclysmic event that occurred long ago. The research by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics will appear in a future issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters. (AP Photo/Barry Thumma, File)

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..50 år siden:

Statsminister Jens Otto Krag sminkes så han er klar til fjernsynet. I baggrunden ses Erik Eriksen.; The leader of the Social Democratic Party (A) Jens Otto Krag is being made up in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation for his attendance in a television debate for the referendum 1964. In the background his opponent the Erik Eriksen leader of the Liberal Pary ( V) undergoing the same treatment.

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..60 år siden:

Budapest, 23 September 1954. View of the Clark Adam Square, at the bottom of the Castle Hill of Buda, with a red star in the middle of the roundabout, in between the unseen tunnel and the unseen Chain Bridge. Adam Clark was a Scottish engineer and the builder of the Chain Bridge. (MTI/Magyar Fotó/Ernø Vadas) *** Local Caption *** 1954.09.23._M__VA____16001734.jpg

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..70 år siden:

Londons Natural History Aspidistra at Mereson Road , Haringey , London 23 September 1944 ©TopFoto

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..80 år siden:

The picture from a Nazi news report shows Reich Bishop Ludwig Mueller being congratulated by people in traditional costume after he was sworn in on the steps of the cathedral in Berlin, Germany, 23 September 1934. Photo: Berliner Verlag / Archive - NO WIRE SERVICE

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